The AFL-CIO Executive Council today elected Liz Shuler, a visionary leader and longtime trade unionist, to serve as president of the federation of 56 unions and 12.5 million members. Shuler is the first woman to hold the office in the history of the labor federation. The Executive Council also elected United Steelworkers (USW) International Vice President Fred Redmond to succeed Shuler as secretary-treasurer, the first African American to hold the number two office. Tefere Gebre will continue as executive vice president, rounding out the most diverse team of officers ever to lead the AFL-CIO.

Our brother and leader Richard Trumka passed away on August 5, 2021, at the age of 72.

2020’s growth in pay inequity between workers and CEOs confirms the “executive base salary reductions” touted during the COVID-19 crisis were just lip service, per this year’s AFL-CIO Executive Pay

Union busting HB 11 hits the house floor in our latest update from the halls of the capitol!

The halfway point is looming... Find out what happened last week during the legislative session!

An Amazing Victory for Grassroots Action; House Health Bill is Defeated 

On Friday, facing sure defeat, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) cancelled a vote on the American Health Care Act, legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid payments to the states.  The bill is opposed by all Democrats. In addition, there are at least two dozen Republicans who were ready to vote against the bill.  The Republican opponents included a mix of moderates who oppose it because it would hurt too many people and right-wing members who believe the bill does not go far enough.

Find out what happened during week 3 of the Florida legislative session.

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What's disgusting? Union busting. Watch workers fight back in our latest update from Florida's legislative session. I encourage you to attend Lobby Corp 2017 in Tallahassee to keep the preasure on our polititians to do the right thing for working families. #resist #strongertogether #unionpride

Your activism made an impact in Tallahassee during the second week of Florida’s legislative session!

Learn what happened and much more in our weekly people powered update from the halls of the capitol.
We need more support in the coming weeks! We need to keep the pressure on! Lets defend working families across our beautiful state.

Legislators didn't waste any time voting on anti-worker bills in the first week of Florida's 2017 Legislative Session.  Here's your weekly people powered update from Tallahassee. 

Join the fight for working families across our state , go to Tallahassee and let our Representatives know we aren't going to allow them to attack our families like this.