Gebre was still a boy when he was forced to flee Ethiopia, a country that suffered political turmoil and famine during the 1980s.

A federal district judge in Washington struck down most of the key provisions of three executive orders that

CEO pay for major companies in the United States rose nearly 6% in the past year, as income inequality and the outsourcing of good-paying American jobs have increased. According to the new AFL-CIO Executive Paywatch, the average CEO of an S&P 500 Index company made $13.94 million in 2017—361 times more money than the average U.S. rank-and-file worker.

Find out what happened during week 3 of the Florida legislative session.

Watch FEA's recap of week 2 of the Florida's legislative session

What's disgusting? Union busting. Watch workers fight back in our latest update from Florida's legislative session. I encourage you to attend Lobby Corp 2017 in Tallahassee to keep the preasure on our polititians to do the right thing for working families. #resist #strongertogether #unionpride

Your activism made an impact in Tallahassee during the second week of Florida’s legislative session!

Learn what happened and much more in our weekly people powered update from the halls of the capitol.
We need more support in the coming weeks! We need to keep the pressure on! Lets defend working families across our beautiful state.

Legislators didn't waste any time voting on anti-worker bills in the first week of Florida's 2017 Legislative Session.  Here's your weekly people powered update from Tallahassee. 

Join the fight for working families across our state , go to Tallahassee and let our Representatives know we aren't going to allow them to attack our families like this. 

AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, published a new column on Huffington Post. He writes how Hillary roots for working people and why working people are championing her in tonight's presidential debate.

One night at his UPS job, Tefere Gebre's co-worker handed him some union material. 

“He told me that I’d get health care and vacation and other benefits by filling it out. I said, ‘Are you serious?’ I thought, ‘Hmm. Everyone should have that.’”

Tefere, the executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, has been a proud union member for most of his life, valuing the freedom of people to come together in union.

Growing up in rural Kentucky, Augusta Thomas witnessed the extreme measures elected officials would take to prevent African-American men from voting.